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Health Benefits of Sex Toys for Women

We all know the benefits that sex toys such as vibrators bring in the bedroom but did you know that the benefits they are associated with go much further than just the bedroom? Sex toys, vibrators in particular, can boost your overall health and I am absolutely sure of the fact that you’ll be impressed with this. If you are not one of the women who use sex toys, you should change this as fast as possible. The use of sex toys can significantly improve your overall health state, physical and mental, so I really can’t see any reasons why you should avoid giving it a try.

If you are willing to learn more about the health benefits associated with the use of sex toys for women, please check out the list below. I know for sure that this will convince you to buy some sex toys as fast as possible in case you don’t have anything in the house. You will make this decision especially because we don’t speak about the benefits of using sex toys just because we support the idea of introducing them in bed; there are documents from the NHS which show that the use of sustainable sex toys, lubricants and even pelvic floor exercises help with all sorts of gynecological problems. Here are a few more details on how sex toys will bring health benefits to women.

  • Sex toys can rejuvenate vaginas- Women dealing with all sorts of symptoms associated with menopause don’t know that many of them are gynecological. Since the levels of estrogen are much reduced during menopause, women will deal with vaginal tightness, atrophy and dryness. These are all issues which can be solved with the help of a vibrator as vibrators promote vaginal lubrication.
  • Sex is not just about penetration- A lot of couples have difficulties and relationship problems because their intimate life is not the best since routine has settled in. How does routine appear? Well, a lot of couples forget about foreplay. Luckily, sex toys will remind you a bit about foreplay and will help you get this problem solved. Sex simply isn’t just about penetration.
  • Vaginismus- This is a condition that affects a lot of women and the medical solution is a medical dilator. Well, you can use a vibrator instead of a medical dilator. For those who don’t know, this condition is very unpleasant due to the fact that it causes muscle tense up when penetration is attempted.

If you are ready to give it a try and introduce vibrators in your intimate life, you should know that there are professionals who can help you make a wise choice. Simpli Pleasure recommends these vibrators which have proved to be of a top quality. Choose one of them, buy it and use it. I know that you will be pleasantly impressed with the outcome and that you will not regret the choice of using such a product. Those who already use vibrators are happy with the outcome, so you will be too.

Signs you’ve lost interest in your better-half


Your physical relationship has lost its spark

The first sign that you’ve lost interest in your current relationship is that the fire of passion in your sex life has disappeared. If you notice that you’re no more turned on by your partner’s presence and those butterflies in your stomach are missing in action, this is a sign for you to consider talking things out with your partner about your lack of interest.

Lost of interest

A voluntary end to arguments

When you’re deeply involved in a relationship, any misunderstandings or problems always result in rageful arguments. Although most of us, hate these arguments, they are a sign of love. You only argue with those you love and care about. The day you stop wanting to argue or explain yourself with regard to any issues in the relationship, it is a sign that you have no more interest in keeping the relationship alive.

You find excuses to keep from meeting them

In case you see yourself constantly trying to keep yourself busy by picking up new hobbies in an effort to evade spending time with your partner, it is possible that you’ve lost interest in them. This may also lead to you checking out new people in a quest to enter new relationships.

Their calls and texts are no more your top priority

In the initial days of a relationship couples always spend a lot of their time communicating with each other, either through text, or calls. If you find yourself not replying to their calls or texts or even replying late, it is time to evaluate the reason behind this behavior. There could be various reasons you don’t feel like communicating anymore. Some of them are they text too much, you’re just not interested in receiving random forwards you have no interest in etc.

You have given up trying

Trying to keep the spark alive is a herculean task. If you notice yourself not trying to keep the relationship going anymore, it means the relationship no longer means to you what it used to. You’ve stopped going on date nights, introducing them to your friends, you don’t answer to their messages immediately etc.


You feel they are more of your friend than your partner

This is the most commonly ignored feeling. Regardless of how many times you’ve been told that love is friendship, you must remember that if the only thing left in your relationship is friendship, then it’s time to re-consider that statement. If you’ve begun to see your partner as someone you only want to cuddle or plan outings with, you may want to talk things out with them to understand what is going wrong and why you do not wish to engage in anything physically intimate.